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Tricon Aquatics Inc. has a broad range of experience in the Commercial Pool industry. Many of the projects we have sucessfully completed over the years are in the areas of Hospitality (Hotel and Resort), Competition (College and High School), Hospital (Therapy), and Multi Family (Apartment) pools.


Tricon Aquatics, Inc. is Myrtha trained and certified, which is the construction of a pre-engineered modular  pool system featuring laminated stainless steel panels.  See Myrtha Website for further details:


Our experience and expertise result in completed projects which reflect the high standards of our leadership and staff.  We strive for the highest level of quality to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.  





Tricon Aquatics Inc. has been involved in many renovations over the years.  Our team is fully trained on new products and technologies for the latest most advanced designs and current standards.  


We work closely with our customers, suppliers and project managers to guarantee the accuracy of the project scope and to ensure the final product meets all expectations.  


The leadership of Tricon Aquatics Inc. has been in the construction industry for well over 30 years and has expertise in all aspects of the building industry.


Our company is actively involved in Government Public Works projects throughout the state of California.


These projects require strict

adherence to all environmental and       state regulations. Attention to detail

and policy is crucial in this






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